Built by techs, for techs, and still led by them

We know what techs need to succeed because seasoned techs are leaders throughout our company. It's not just that techs have helped shape and lead our company, they've forged paths that others can follow.

Jumpstart your new career as a body tech with hands-on training.

Our Technician Apprentice Program (TAP) provides entry-level technicians with free training to become certified body techs, and from there, opportunities for growth are unlimited. You'll get teamed up with an experienced technician in a Caliber Collision center to take your skills to the next level - while also getting paid. 

Are you a body tech looking to grow your career and your paycheck?

Caliber supports body technicians and all of our teammates with opportunities for long-term growth and unlimited earning potential. In many of our centers, we provide paid original equipment manufacturer certification training to gain advanced skills. From day one, we provide the training, certifications, benefits, state-of-the-art equipment and facilities our techs need to succeed and thrive.

With so many different career paths available to our teammates, it's up to you. Caliber will help you reach your full potential.

To us, Restoring the Rhythm of Your Life® is not a tagline

It’s how we’ve lived our lives for 25 years. We continue to deliver on our purpose every day in 41 states, in over 1,600 locations and for more than 25,000 teammates.

Won’t you join us?