Caliber Auto Glass Limited Lifetime Nationwide Warranty

Caliber Auto Glass Limited Lifetime Nationwide Warranty


Rock Chip Repair

Caliber Auto Glass takes great pride in our workmanship on all rock chip repairs. Following industry standards for the repair of auto glass, the rock chip repair process involves the injection of a specialized resin into the damaged area of the windshield to fill in gaps and cracks that have occurred. The function of a rock chip repair is to keep the damage from spreading further across the windshield. Although the damage will be reduced in visibility, the damage will not entirely disappear.

The clarity and success of the rock chip repair depends on the following conditions:

  • How long ago the damage occurred to the glass
  • Size, shape, and extent of the damage
  • The length of the cracks radiating from the impact damage
  • If contaminants have accessed into the damage opening



So long as you own the vehicle serviced, if you are dissatisfied with the windshield repair, Caliber Auto Glass will apply the cost of the repair(s) to the cost of a new windshield and installation by Caliber Auto Glass. To take advantage of this Limited Lifetime Warranty, you must contact Caliber Auto Glass during normal business hours at 1-888-461-0010. Warranty is non-transferable and void if any other damage occurs not related to the rock chip repair requiring replacement.



In some cases, the attempt to repair damage to a windshield may result in the damage becoming larger and more severe. Caliber Auto Glass cannot be held responsible for any increase in the damage severity, as the windshield and/or any other laminated glass part is already damaged. Should a replacement windshield or piece of glass be recommended by Caliber Auto Glass, it is the responsibility of the vehicle owner or customer for all costs associated with a full windshield replacement. It is agreed that I release Caliber Auto Glass, its employees, officers, owners and any affiliates from all claims suits or action arising from the repair of windshield.