Our Top Trunk or Treat Tips and Tricks

With Halloween just around the corner, now is the time to trick out your ride for Trunk or Treat — a somewhat new spin on trick-or-treating. Usually held in school or church parking lots, Trunk or Treat involves giving costumed kiddos treats from the trunk of your car. This alternative to traditional trick-or-treating has taken the country by storm over the past few years. If you’re ready to embrace the trend, cruise through these Caliber-curated tips for inspiring Trunk or Treat ideas that will get you revved up to decorate your own ride for this hauntingly fun event.

What Is Trunk or Treat?

Trunk or Treat, as the name suggests, involves trick-or-treating for candy, only instead of pounding the pavement and going door-to-door around the neighborhood, kids meet in a central spot—like a school parking lot—and go from trunk to trunk to collect their bounty. Participating families create Halloween scenes to add to the fun of the event.

When Did Trunk or Treat Start?

The first Trunk or Treat events were held by churches as an alternative for parents who were concerned about exposing their children to some of the more frightening aspects of Halloween. When the very first Trunk or Treat was held is unclear, but reports suggest that the practice first began in the early 1990s.

Benefits of Trunk or Treating vs. Traditional Trick or Treating

One major benefit of Trunk or Treating versus traditional trick-or-treating is that parents can control the sort of Halloween themes that their children are exposed to. Nearly all Trunk or Treat events are planned with small children in mind, so if you’re worried about your child being traumatized by zombies or other ghouls, Trunk or Treats may be a more suitable option for getting in on the Halloween fun. 

In addition, Trunk or Treating is generally safer for kids than traditional trick-or-treating. There is no danger from moving vehicles like there is when trick-or-treating door-to-door because all the cars in the event are parked. Parents participating in most Trunk or Treats generally have kids in the same class at school or go to the same church, so there is little safety concern over the treats being dispensed. 

In addition, the fellowship that parents enjoy while hosting Trunk or Treat together is valuable. It gives parents and other participants a chance to hang out and catch up while kids have fun in a safe environment.

Trunk or Treating Decorating and Theme Ideas

Decorating for Trunk or Treat is something the entire family can participate in. If you have trouble deciding on a theme this year, look to your kids (or their costumes) for inspiration. Remember, a tricked-out trunk doesn’t have to be expensive.

It’s what’s on the outside that counts when it comes to Trunk or Treating. Using the space in front of your car as an extension of your theme is an easy way to give visitors an unforgettable experience. For example, you can accentuate a beach theme with beach towels and an inflatable beach ball, add some magic to a witch theme with a cauldron full of homemade root beer, or level up your pirate theme with a pirate hook ring toss and treasure chest prize box. What matters most is making your trunk feel like a part of the display rather than the display itself.

Getting older doesn’t have to mean growing up. Wearing a costume that goes with your theme is a fun way to make your trunk even more of a treat for everyone. If you’re unsure of what to wear, try theming your costume with your kids for even more family fun. 

Strapped for supplies? Even simple accessories like a pirate hat or witch’s broom can make a world of difference. Halloween is a magical time for kids, and a little enthusiasm goes a long way in making the most of that magic.

Since most Trunk or Treating takes place in the evening, adding brightly colored decorations can help your trunk shine. Dark interiors are definitely creepy, but too many shadows can conceal your hard work, or worse, your candy. Try adding glow sticks to the mix for a perfectly spooky amount of illumination, or set a flashlight in the corner of your trunk for a few dramatic shadows.

Nothing complements a decorated trunk filled with candy like some spooky tunes. With a wireless Bluetooth speaker and apps like Spotify, iTunes, and Pandora, it’s easy to find the perfect music at the press of a button. Try searching for well-known movie soundtracks that go with your theme, or stick to the classics, like “Monster Mash” or “Thriller,” to keep your own little monsters dancing all night.

If you’re struggling for ideas, you might also hit up your local party supply store for inspo. Most have Trunk or Treat kits, and all have supplies to help accentuate the theme you’ve chosen.  

Where to Find a Trunk or Treat Event

Many schools and churches host Trunk or Treat events each year. If you’re having trouble finding an event, be sure to check with other parents to get the scoop on where the fun is going down this Halloween.

With these tips and Trunk or Treat ideas in mind, your event is sure to be a hit with the whole family. But if any tricks happen on the road this Halloween, our collision repair experts at Caliber Collision are always here to treat you right by Restoring the Rhythm of Your Life™.

Happy Halloween from your friends at Caliber!

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