What to Do if Your Car Has Hail Damage

When you're caught in a storm, hail can leave unsightly dimples on your car's exterior and even break or crack windows and windshields. Plus, hail can chip off paint, exposing your vehicle to the elements which can lead to bigger issues down the road, such as rust. Have the damage assessed at an auto body shop by a trusted professional to determine the full scope of damage.

Assess the car hail damage

First and foremost, breathe. Any damage to your car is frustrating, but you need to know that it can be fixed. Before you head to the shop, contact your insurance company and request an estimate to see if any costs are covered. They can assist you quickly and answer any questions you may have regarding your hail damage.

Get a repair quote

Repair costs depend on a couple different factors. The severity of the damage, location and vehicle type will affect the overall estimate. It's best to get a quote directly from the repair shop for the most accurate pricing. When you work with Caliber Collision, we are often pre-approved by most insurance carriers and can take the hassle out of getting multiple estimates. 

Before you take your car to the body shop, clean the exterior to remove excess debris. This allows the estimator to clearly assess any damage. Typically, an estimate takes anywhere between 30-45 minutes. Always allow extra time in case it runs long and have all your information ready to go to make the process quicker.

Schedule an appointment

Now that you’ve received your estimate and filed a successful claim, it’s time to schedule an appointment with your local center. Auto body shops can provide paintless dent repair, hail dent removal and more. Today's cars have a whole host of technology that should be checked out, too. Luckily, Caliber Collision’s helpful teammates and expert technicians can help get your car fixed and get you back on the road and back to what matters.

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