Windshield Chip Repair

Small chips can grow into big problems, which is why prompt windshield chip repair is so important. At Caliber Auto Glass, we provide complete auto glass solutions from repairs and replacements to ADAS calibrations. We work with all major auto insurance carriers and are often pre-approved, saving you the time and hassle of obtaining multiple repair estimates. Our work is guaranteed, so you can be confident that it was done right the first time.

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Summer Windshield Safety Tips

As we hit the road during summer, our windshields take a beating from the blistering heat. With soaring temperatures, and increased road construction, it's no surprise that windshield damage is most common at this time of year.

Auto Glass Technologies: Complete Car Glass Guide

From a car's windshield to the sunroof, auto glass is used to create visibility and shield drivers from the elements. Each part plays an important role. However, auto glass technology is what truly turns this material into a working piece.

Should I Repair or Replace My Windshield?

The decision to repair or replace your windshield depends on the damage that has occurred. Small chips can be easily mended, while bigger auto glass fractures could require a full windshield replacement.

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