Mobile Windshield Repair and Replacement

The distress of discovering a crack or chip in your car’s windshield or windows is familiar to most people. Throw a repair shop and lengthy waiting time into the mix, and the situation can quickly become exhausting, making for a particularly trying day.

You may or may not have heard about mobile auto glass repair as a possible solution to these common concerns. In this article, we’ll discuss the option of mobile windshield repair as a service and help you evaluate if this suits your situation.

What is Mobile Windshield Repair or Replacement?

A mobile windshield replacement service is almost the same as any other windshield replacement, except that it’s mobile. In other words, this service is readily available without requiring a visit to a physical repair shop.

Depending on your service needs and location, one of our mobile technicians could be dispatched to examine the damage to your windshield and complete the necessary repairs.

When Should You Repair or Replace Your Windshield?

The windshield of your vehicle plays a crucial role in its structural integrity, your visibility, and overall safety. As a result, any damage — no matter how small — should not be ignored and requires immediate attention.

However, many car owners can’t decide whether a windshield repair or a replacement is the right call to action. The answer typically depends on factors such as the location, size, depth of the crack or blemish, and the type and dimensions of the windshield in question.

When Can a Windshield Repair Work?

While repairing the windshield is generally less expensive than a total replacement, it is best to seek an auto glass expert’s advice to determine the safest and most appropriate solution.

As a rule of thumb, a windshield repair is a likely choice when:

  • The chip on your windshield is not deep.
  • The crack or chip has a diameter of less than 40mm.
  • The windshield has two such chips at most.

When is a Windshield Replacement Required?

There are situations where a windshield replacement may be the only viable option. For instance, a windshield with numerous chips and cracks across its surface or one with a sizable hole will require a replacement.

Seemingly minor cracks can worsen over time, necessitating a replacement. Therefore, seeking professional help as soon as possible is crucial to achieving the best possible outcomes for your windshield.

You might have to replace your windshield if:

  • The windshield glass is tempered and not laminated
  • The crack is over 6 inches long or longer than a dollar bill
  • If the chip or crack is deep and halfway into the windshield
  • The crack or chip stretches to the edge of the windshield

What are the Benefits of Mobile Windshield Repair/Replacement?

The convenience of a mobile technician eliminates the need to drive your vehicle to a far away repair center. A mobile windshield repair can be extremely useful in certain situations, especially emergencies. There are several other benefits to using this service, including:


A mobile repair service provides a straightforward yet convenient solution, offering individuals a wide range of automotive services regardless of location.

The entire repair or replacement process becomes so much easier for customers as they don’t need to take any action themselves. Instead, a team of skilled technicians arrives at the designated location with all the necessary tools and equipment at a scheduled time, making the entire repair or replacement process hassle-free.

Typically, the process takes 30 minutes to two hours. The added convenience is that these services are available five days a week.


One of the most significant advantages of mobile windshield service is that your car will be ready to hit the road again in very little time. With technicians arriving at your location, you can save considerable time traveling to the shop and waiting for the job to be completed.

A mobile windshield service is also an excellent option for those with a busy schedule as it is less disruptive to your schedule and requires less time driving to another location...

Enhanced Safety

Driving with a damaged windshield is risky and can compromise your safety and your vehicle's functionality. Using a temporary cover to hide the shattered glass can also be inconvenient and unreliable.

A mobile windshield replacement ensures your safety by repairing the damage without letting you drive around with a compromised windshield.

Mobile vs. In-shop Services

Despite its various benefits, a mobile replacement service may not be suitable in all situations. However, several scenarios exist where a mobile repair or replacement service is preferable or necessary.

Generally, a mobile windshield replacement is ideal when taking your vehicle to the shop is difficult or impossible. Besides, mobile technicians are often highly trained and experienced, so you can trust that they will provide quality repairs or replacements.

Note that a mobile windshield replacement may not be the best option in unfavorable weather conditions.

Additionally, some time is required for the glass adhesive to cure and dry before you can drive your vehicle. The curing time will depend on humidity, temperature, and road conditions. Your technician will determine the required stationary time for your car to ensure that the windshield performs properly.

While an in-shop service may be less convenient, it has its advantages.

For example, an in-shop repair service might be able to handle more complex repairs or replacements. They may also be able to offer additional services, such as detailing or inspection, while your vehicle is already at the shop.

The technicians also have access to all sorts of tools which may allow them to evaluate and fix the damage better.

Besides, mobile service isn’t recommended when replacing auto glass with Advanced Drivers Assist System (ADAS). That’s because these systems require specific conditions — that in-shop services provide — for proper auto glass calibrations. These include the following:

  • A level surface for the target to align properly to your vehicle
  • Protection from direct sunlight and shadows, which can confuse the calibration camera and target

In addition, weather conditions won’t impact the application or effectiveness of adhesives as the procedure will be done in a climate-controlled shop with a stable environment for the windshield repair or replacement process.

Schedule an Auto Glass Repair with Caliber

Whether you’re looking for an auto glass repair or replacement, Caliber offers both in-shop and mobile services to fit your specific needs. Our auto glass experts are committed to providing you with the highest quality services, ensuring you can get back on the road safely and quickly.