What You Need to Know About Mobile Auto Glass Repair

Dealing with a broken or shattered car windshield or window can be a highly stressful experience, especially if you’re in a remote area. However, with the growing services available today, there is almost always a solution to our everyday challenges.

One such solution is mobile auto repair, which can come to your rescue when driving to a repair shop isn’t an option.

What is Mobile Auto Glass Repair?

Mobile auto glass repair is a service that provides on-site repair or replacement of automotive glass, such as windshields, windows, and mirrors, without requiring the vehicle to be taken to a repair shop.

A team of skilled technicians is sent to the customer’s desired location with all the necessary equipment and tools to perform the required auto glass repairs. The time of the service is mutually decided beforehand.


Benefits of Mobile Auto Glass Repair

Mobile auto glass repair offers several advantages for car owners, especially those who operate fleet vehicles or cannot drive to an auto repair shop.

Nevertheless, any vehicle owner can enjoy the benefits of this service. Some of these are:


Mobile service offers a convenient and reliable solution for individuals juggling multiple responsibilities or facing health issues that make managing a trip to the repair shop challenging.

As the team of technicians directly visits you, you don’t have to do anything. This means you can continue your daily tasks while the professionals focus on the repair process.

Saves Time and Money

Driving your car to the shop and then waiting for the repair can be time-consuming. You often have to leave your vehicle at the shop and wait until the repair is done before returning home. The commute also results in additional fuel costs.

A mobile repair service makes glass repairs and replacements much  easier and can help you save money and time.

Offers Safety

Your car’s windshield provides integral structural support to your vehicle while shielding you from natural elements and impending objects.

A damaged windshield and broken windows pose a serious safety hazard for drivers and passengers. Continuing to drive the vehicle in this situation can lead to disastrous consequences, and using a temporary cover is not a recommended long-term solution.

Opting for a mobile auto glass repair is one of the best ways to ensure your safety. Your vehicle gets repaired while you remain in your current location without driving the damaged car.

Common Types of Auto Glass Damage

In the event of a collision or an impact on the windshield, various types of damage can occur. Being able to distinguish between the different types of glass damage can be helpful when describing the issue to an auto glass specialist.

Let’s look at the main types of auto glass damage:

    • Crack: The most common type of glass damage is a crack, which can appear as a straight line or several lines branching out from a single point. The glass is generally repairable if the crack is less than 3-inches long. Technicians might attempt to repair it if it's slightly longer and doesn’t interfere with the driver’s line of sight and ADAS is not a factor. Depending on the size of the crack, glass repairs are not always successful and it’s important customers have realistic expectations to degree of success. If the crack is past the size of a dollar bill a technician would replace the glass.
    • Chip: When something hard, such as a rock, strikes the window or windshield with an impact, it often results in a chip. If the chip is smaller than an inch in diameter and does not penetrate, it is typically repairable through filling.
    • Bulls-Eye: A bullseye is another type of damage that occurs when something hard hits the windshield. It typically appears in a circular pattern resembling a dartboard, with multiple cracks and lines radiating from the center. Depending on the severity of the bullseye, a replacement or a repair is required.
    • Star: A star is another type of chip that can form on the windshield. It is similar to a bullseye but has multiple cracks leading outwards in a firework or star pattern. While a small star may be repaired, a large one usually requires a replacement.

The Mobile Auto Glass Repair Process

If you are curious about the process of mobile auto glass repair, here is a brief overview of what you can expect during an appointment:

      1. The technicians will start by assessing your vehicle and determining the type and extent of damage that has occurred.
      2. After the initial assessment, the technicians vacuum the car’s interior to remove any glass shards or leftover debris. If required, they will also clean the windows to ensure a clean work area.
      3. To repair the auto glass, the technicians will apply windshield repair resin to the damaged area, filling any cracks or chips.
      4. After applying the repair resin, they will begin the curing process by applying heat to the damaged area. The duration of the curing process will depend on the severity of the damage. This process can take anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes.

Once the curing process is complete, the technicians will assess the repair to ensure it was successful. If everything looks good, your car will be ready to drive again.

Auto Glass Insurance Coverage

In many cases, windshield damage is covered by car insurance under ‘comprehensive coverage.’

Some insurance providers also offer auto glass coverage as an add-on, which can cover the cost of crack or chip repairs and full windshield replacements. The coverage may also extend to windows, depending on your policy.

However, each state has different requirements and policies. So reviewing your policy and contacting your insurer for details on what’s covered is always a good idea.

DIY Auto Glass Repair vs. Professional Mobile Auto Glass Repair

You might have come across DIY auto glass repair kits and may feel tempted to try them. Although these kits are often cheaper and more convenient, do they work?

The straightforward answer is no. DIY auto glass repair kits are typically not worth it.

They usually only provide a temporary fix and are unlikely to completely repair the chip or crack. This means there is a significant chance that the damage will return and worsen over time. Additionally, attempting to repair auto glass at home can be frustrating and time-consuming.

It's best to leave the job to trained professionals with the equipment, expertise, and experience to do it correctly and safely.

At Caliber Auto Glass, we have Auto Glass Safety Council  (AGSC) certified technicians who are experts in performing all kinds of auto glass repairs and replacements. Our reliable mobile team can come to your location, make efficient repairs and replacements, and safely get you back on the road as soon as possible.