Caliber Auto Care: Brake Repair, Replace, and Maintenance

Your safety comes first and since brakes are made of materials and components that wear down over time, we want to ensure you can depend on your brakes in all kinds of weather. Caliber Auto Care can inspect, repair and, if needed, replace your brakes.

A one-stop shop for brake repair services

Caliber Auto Care can service all your brake system needs, including:

  • Inspection and repair of disc brake assembly, including rotors, pads and calipers
  • Inspection and repair of drum brake assembly, including drums, shoes and cylinders
  • Rotor and drum resurfacing
  • Adding or replacing brake fluid
  • Free wheel alignment check with every brake repair

What are signs of brake trouble?

It’s important to check your brakes regularly for wear and tear or get them checked by experts. Many vehicles allow you to see the brake pad through the tires. Don’t touch them if they are hot, but if they seem thin, (less than 1/4th inch) it might be time to replace them. Caliber Auto Care also recommends bringing your car in for brake services if you experience any of these issues:

  • Squealing, grinding, squeaking or groaning noises
  • Steering wheel vibrations 
  • Vehicle pulls to the left or right
  • Brakes require more pressure than usual
  • Brake dust accumulation
  • Thinning brake pads

Why Caliber Auto Care?

We do things The Caliber Way. This means Caliber Auto Care is committed to building trust through transparency. Our team will always educate you on your car’s health and offer straightforward solutions and pricing, so you can make the right decision for you and your family. We know how important your car is to you, so we make it easy to schedule and complete all your repair and maintenance services in one place.

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Find a Caliber Auto Care Near You

Caliber Auto Care takes the place of your dealership’s service department and your local quick oil and mechanical repair shop with efficient, high-quality auto repair or maintenance services at an affordable price.

We know that scheduling car care services between work, school and play can be a hassle. That’s why we make it as easy and straightforward as possible, offering you neighborhood convenience, superior service, comfortable waiting areas or free local shuttle service and the option of staying in your vehicle for some services while we work. It’s all about meeting your needs and standing behind our work.


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