EV & Hybrid Car Repair Specialists in Dallas

EV & Hybrid Car Repair Specialists in Dallas

Welcome to Caliber Auto Care on North Central Expressway, located in Dallas's bustling heart. We are your local electric vehicle (EV) and hybrid car repair experts, conveniently located near North Park Center, Greenville Avenue, and the Museum of Biblical Art.

Unrivaled Expertise in EV & Hybrid Brands

At Caliber Auto Care in Dallas, we cater to a diverse range of brands, ensuring your EV or hybrid receives top-notch care. Our experienced technicians are skilled in servicing:

  • Expert diagnostics and maintenance for all Tesla models.
  • Exquisite care for your luxury hybrids.
  • Dependable service for popular EVs and hybrids.
  • Specialized attention for some of the most common hybrids.
  • Skilled care for American-made EVs and hybrids.
  • We provide state-of-the-art service for all electric and hybrid models.

Understanding EV & Hybrid Car Repairs at Caliber Auto Care

Our Dallas North Central Expressway location is equipped to handle the unique challenges of EVs and hybrids, which combine advanced electrical systems with traditional mechanics.

What Sets Our EV & Hybrid Repairs Apart?

  • Battery Systems: Comprehensive services, including diagnostics, , to ensure optimal performance.
  • Electric Motors and Regenerative Braking: Proficient in addressing motor issues and distinctive regenerative braking systems.
  • Software and Diagnostics: Advanced diagnostic services for software-related issues in modern EVs and hybrids.
  • Cooling Systems: Expertise in maintaining and repairing intricate cooling systems for EV and hybrid longevity.

Why Choose Us for Your EV or Hybrid?

  • Trained Technicians: Our team is constantly updated with the latest EV and hybrid technology.
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment: We employ modern tools and diagnostic equipment specifically designed for EVs and hybrids.
  • Brand-Specific Knowledge: Proficient in catering to the unique needs of various EV and hybrid brands.
  • Safety and Efficiency: We prioritize safety and efficiency in all our repairs, ensuring your vehicle delivers optimum performance.

Schedule Your Repair at Caliber Auto Care Today

For specialized EV and hybrid car repair in Dallas, book online , call us at (469)909-6050 or visit our North Central Expressway location to consult with our experts. We are dedicated to keeping you and your advanced vehicle safe and efficient on the road.