Debunking Six Common Myths About Collision Repairs

When it comes to collision repairs, many misconceptions can cloud your judgment and decision-making or add stress to a difficult situation. Let’s set the record straight by debunking six of the most common myths in the industry.

  1. Myth: Any auto body shop can perform quality collision repairs.

    Truth: Collision repairs require specialized expertise and equipment. Look for I-CAR certified auto body professionals with the training and technology to restore your vehicle to its pre-collision condition.

  2. Myth: Your insurance company gets the final say on where your car is repaired.

    Truth: You have the right to choose the auto body repair shop that you trust. Insurance companies can suggest preferred shops, but the ultimate decision is yours

  3. Myth: Once repaired, your car will never be the same.

    Truth: A professional auto body repair job can restore your vehicle to its original safety, functionality, and aesthetic standards. Advanced techniques and materials have made seamless repairs more achievable than ever.

  4. Myth: The repair shop should use parts from the original manufacturer only.

    Truth: While original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts are a good option, quality aftermarket or used parts can also meet or exceed OEM specifications without compromising safety or performance.

  5. Myth: Insurance companies cover all collision repair costs.

    Truth: Coverage depends on your policy details and the circumstances of the collision. Understanding your policy and preparing for potential out-of-pocket expenses is essential.

  6. Myth: Smaller dents and scratches are purely cosmetic.

    Truth: Even minor damage can affect your car's structural integrity and future performance. It's best to have all auto body damage assessed by a professional.

Remember, when you need collision repairs, arm yourself with knowledge to make informed decisions. An industry-certified repair shop that values transparent communication, meticulous craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction will address all your concerns and myths head-on, ensuring a smooth and reliable repair experience. The experts at Caliber Collision are ready to get you and your vehicle back on the road quickly and safely. Contact our Customer Service Center to schedule your appointment today.