Building Trust Through Transparency - Digital Vehicle Inspection at Caliber Auto Care

A trip to the hospital is rarely a good thing because it relates to a problem that requires expert treatment. The hospital can be a frightening place, mostly because we don’t know what’s going wrong, what’s going to happen, and what it’s going to cost us. A trip to an auto repair shop presents a similar experience. Entering a world full of mechanical technicalities is intimidating for anyone and the desperate need to fix a car problem doesn’t make things any easier.

We understand how our guests feel. The last thing they want is to be bombarded with information that makes little sense to them, when all they want is to get their vehicle back on the road as soon as possible. It’s why we resolve to give our guests peace of mind by educating them as best we can on the repair process, while delivering industry-leading car care services. Our Digital Vehicle Inspection aims to condense and simplify vehicle diagnostic data to ensure every guest understands exactly what’s going wrong, what’s going to happen, and what the repairs are going to cost.

Trust, Transparency, and Convenience

There’s no currency that matters more in the automotive industry than trust. While it’s unfortunate that it’s in short supply because of high prices and poor repairs, we spare no effort in helping ease guest tension the moment they bring their car to us. We, at Caliber Auto Care, aim to quell doubts and fears by providing thorough, yet digestible information at every turn of the repair process.

Get clear and straightforward information regarding your car’s overall health and the repair process through our complimentary Digital Vehicle Inspection. Every Caliber Auto Care DVI comes with:

  • Digital photos that not only nurture trust through transparency, but also provide guests with visual information for clear and concise explanations.
  • Digital receipts to aid guests in keeping and tracking repair records.
  • Thorough and honest explanations from our experts outlining repair solutions based on recommended services.

We pride ourselves on our expert technicians and their ability to impart valuable knowledge to car owners, ensuring guests understand crucial ways they can care for their vehicle better.

Your time is valuable and we aim to service your vehicle minus the long wait. You won’t have to come often to check on your vehicle’s repairs. We’ll send the information to you through emails and photos to ensure you’re always kept in the loop regarding your vehicle’s repairs.

Accurate Assessments, Fair Charges

Our Digital Vehicle Inspection is tailored to give car owners a clear and thorough bill of health for their vehicle. Every assessment is carefully performed to detect pressing and imminent problems, allowing our technicians to chart the most efficient, holistic and effective Auto Care approach to restore your vehicle to peak mechanical health. We’ll never recommend any repair or service that your vehicle doesn’t need.

DVI Done, the Caliber Way

Our experienced technicians will tell you all you need to know about your vehicle’s repairs, including clear pricing, to provide you with the data needed to make an informed decision. We understand the importance of your car and most especially your time. We aim to ease the scheduling process and ensure all your repair and maintenance concerns are addressed in one place, at the soonest. Building trust through empathy, expertise and transparency - DVI done, the Caliber way. Find a Caliber Auto Care location or make an appointment today for a DVI on your vehicle.