Our premium additives are designed to help extend the life of your vehicle.

As your car ages, the fluid systems that run it can degrade. BG's premium additives may help keep your vehicle running smoothly by increasing the efficiency of your engine, fuel and transmission systems. Like extended warranties for the inside of your car, BG offers services that are designed to enhance protection for the internal fluid systems you and your car rely on.


Antifreeze and coolant fluids can contaminate or deteriorate over time. Routinely replacing them boosts your vehicle's cooling ability, overall performance and longevity.


Refreshing transmission fluids ensures steady, reliable gear shifting and protects against transmission damage.


Regular use causes debris buildup and heat damage in the power steering system, which causes difficulty when turning. Refreshing the power steering fluids provides more control over the steering wheel.


Regularly cleaning your fuel system of corrosion and carbon buildup ensures the most efficient gas mileage possible.


When your brake fluid deteriorates, your ability to brake accurately deteriorates. An unreliable brake pedal may cause braking that is too fast or too slow. Refreshing these fluids restores your control over your brake pedal.


Cleaning your engine of buildup and debris allows for smoother performance, more power, and optimized gas mileage.


The differential transfers power to the wheels. The gears that allow that power transfer must be routinely lubricated with clean fluids for smooth operation.


BG battery services remove corrosion, ensuring the best connection and electricity transfer to your car's engine and operating system.

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Find a Caliber Auto Care Near You

Caliber Auto Care offers a superior alternative to dealership service departments, providing a wide array of mechanical repair and maintenance services at competitive prices. We understand the challenge of fitting car maintenance into a hectic schedule. That’s why we provide:

  • Convenience: Easy scheduling and neighborhood locations.

  • Superior Service: From our skilled technicians to our customer service team.

  • Comfort and Convenience: Enjoy our comfortable waiting areas, free local shuttle service, or the option to stay in your vehicle for select services.

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction: We stand behind our work, ensuring your needs are met and exceeded.

Caliber Auto Care is here to redefine your auto service experience. From the moment you walk in until you drive away satisfied, we're committed to providing the best care for you and your vehicle.